Restore - Collection Concept As Told By Jasmine

Restore - Collection Concept As Told By Jasmine
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to bring back to or put back into a former or original state.

The Restore collection didn’t start off as a clever way to name pieces from past seasons that would be brought back to life. Restore was something God was doing in me at the start of the year. 

2017 was a hectic year for me. I found myself becoming so enveloped in running Gracemade, being involved in ministry, and the distractions of every day life. I was drained, spiritually depleted, and burnt out from all of my efforts of trying to do things in my own strength. 

So at the beginning of the year I decided to fast with the intention of breaking the chains that were holding me back from the intimacy I so desired and needed to have with the Lord. I spent 30 days restricting myself from certain foods, seeking God’s will through His word, and praying constantly. 

Coming out of this fast I felt refreshed and restored. I received so much confirmation from the Lord, and I finally felt like me and Jesus were back to being bffs - even though He never left in the first place. 


Simultaneously, while I was being restored in my personal life, we noticed a pattern of request for the  restoration of certain Gracemade pieces, specifically the Shalom Jumpsuit and Ruth Wrap Dress - our best selling cut and sew pieces.  That’s when we decided that instead of developing a full new range, we would introduce fewer fresh pieces, and  bring back the pieces that performed well in the past,  and make them better - kind of like what God did for me. 


In addition to the revamped Ruth Wrap Dress and Shalom Jumpsuit, we’ve added The Joy Button-down dress, and The Rise Short - whose names are inspired by the fruit that is a result of being a woman restored.


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