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Intentional Christmas: How to Stay Focused on the True Meaning

With Christmas decorations hitting the shelves and the weather getting cooler, you might be starting to feel the anxiousness that the holiday season brings. Commercials bombard you with sales, reminding you that Christmas is just around the corner. It’s amazing how such a beautiful holiday can feel like such a burden. Where did we go wrong? How did the birth of Christ become a day that involves so much stress? Here are four ways to refocus this Advent season.

Read an Entire Gospel

Christmas isn’t just about the first couple of chapters in Luke. Often at Christmastime, the focus is on the cute baby in the manger. However, it’s important to remember the reason why Christ came at all! By reading an entire gospel, you’ll be able to feel a greater sense of the weight of the birth of the Messiah. Not only did the entire world need such a figure, God became a man for your sake. That is something beautiful to rejoice in always.


Give Back
The commercialism of the holidays is exhausting. You might feel the pressure of wanting to please your children, spouse, parents, or close friends through gift-giving. One way to ground yourself from all the chaos is to focus on those in need. This allows you to take a step back and see more clearly how blessed you are. This can also help weed out greed and excess spending. In light of others who have less, splurging on additional gifts might not have the same sparkle that it used to. Additionally, giving back to a charity or helping out at a local organization can be an opportunity to share the true meaning of Christmas–Jesus gave his life as a free gift for you and me.

Enjoy a Church Service

Many churches have special Christmas services. Whether it’s a nativity, sing-a-long, or a candlelight service, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. This is not only a great way to have family time, but it’s also an easy way to invite unbelievers to church. Many individuals are open to coming to a Christmas-themed service and may even feel gratitude for the invite. The holidays can be a hard and lonely time of year. Maybe you’re feeling the sorrow of losing a loved one or being apart from family. Going to a church service with others can help bring comfort and focus on the beauty of Jesus and his power to heal our wounds.

Spend Time with Jesus

Whether it’s going on a walk while listening to worship music or spending quiet time in prayer, talking to Jesus daily is a wonderful way to keep your heart centered on the true meaning of Christmas. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, the One who can truly ground your heart during the hustle of the season. Allow yourself to carve out some time to spend with the Lord. You’ll notice a difference.

Christmas has been commercialized and used for selfish reasons, but that doesn’t mean your holiday season has to be tarnished. By being intentional with your time, you can avoid these pitfalls and remain centered on the true meaning of Christmas.

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