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Women in Grace: Morgan Faith Suarez

Morgan Faith Suarez is the woman behind Letters To Ever, a candid lifestyle blog on fashion, faith, and family life in her 500 sq. ft. beachside home. We chat with the Southern California beauty on motherhood, balance, and living a life of gratitude.

Photos by Jesse Suarez


Morgan, tell us a little more about you and your family. 
I grew up in Utah, where my family still lives, and my husband, Jesse, grew up in Southern California. We met  6 years ago at bible college, and it was love at first sight for him, but I needed a little convincing ;) we’ve now been married for 4 years and have a sassy and fiery 2 year old named Ever Joy. We love Jesus, spontaneous adventures, and keeping our kid up way past her bedtime.  Jesse works in retail and has a passion for photography, and I am a barre fitness instructor and blogger.
How did you and Jesse come up with your daughter’s name, Ever Joy?
We were sitting on the couch brainstorming some names and I was wearing a T-shirt from the brand Ever, so Jesse said “what about Ever??” Then a few days later as I was reading through psalms I came across psalm 5:11 which says “But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them ever sing for joy,and spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may exult in you.” And Ever Joy was the perfect name for our little ball of sunshine
What inspires you to photograph and write blog posts for your daughter?
Being a mom, and the whole experience of motherhood has been the biggest inspiration of my life. I’ve learned so much about myself and about God’s love and grace since becoming a mother, and that will forever inspire me to share that experience with my daughter and my readers. I also just think she’s super freakin’ cute.
 How do you balance being a wife, mom, and workingwoman?
It’s definitely something I constantly struggle with, the balance. I’m blessed to only work 7 hours per week and spend the rest of my time being a mama. When things get overwhelming and I feel like I’m failing in all my roles, I force myself to take a step back and remind myself what’s MOST important, and then focus on investing my time and energy there. 

What’s the story behind your 500 square ft beach home?
We’ve always been intrigued by tiny homes, but never thought we’d actually live in one someday. We were looking for a new place after our rent was raised at our old apartment and our little yellow house was the best Craigslist score we’ve ever found! When we first walked through it we thought there was no way we could live in such a small space, but we decided to go for it because of the location and it sounded like a fun adventure, with the thought that if we couldn’t handle it after our years lease was up, that we would move. A year later and we could stay here forever if that were an option. I would love a washer and dryer, however haha.   
 Tell us about your personal style and how it’s evolved since living in California.
My personal style has taken many twists and turns throughout my life. In high school and college I was obsessed with thrifting and vintage. I would wear the craziest things that my husband now teases me about. When I moved to SoCal I lost my personal style a little and fell into just trying to fit in with the culture here, but I’ve now come back to my old self if not caring about labels and wearing what I love even if no one else loves it. It’s the best feeling to really love what you’re wearing, it’s a confidence booster for sure. 
You also lived in Israel for a semester during bible college, tell us about that experience.
Living in Israel was the most amazing and difficult experience of my life. The holy land has a way of bringing out the worst in you and causing you to face those things head on.  It’s such a chaotic and spiritually diverse/oppressed place that it feels like you can almost never rest, and things you thought you had stopped struggling with end up coming to the surface again. It’s like the enemy is trying to distract you from drawing closer to the Lord. But, of course, it’s in those times that God teaches you the most, and you see His grace even more clearly. I would never take that time back. And I would move there in a heartbeat. 

 You're very bold about your faith, what does your faith mean to you?
My faith is everything. God has been so faithful to pursue me and cover me in his grace that all I can do is live for him.  
What piece of encouragement/advice would you share with women trying to balance family life and pursuing all that God has called them to do?
Ask yourself, “what am I living for? Am I living and striving for things that I don’t have that will ultimately never satisfy, or am I living and grateful for the things I already have?” With the right perspective, what you already have is always enough. God calls us to be faithful and obedient moment by moment, it’s in the journey that He teaches us the most, not the destination.

Words you live by
“All I have needed thy hands have provided, great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me.”

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