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Covered by Grace

Telling the stories of women restored by the grace of God.

Covered by Grace is an inspiring and transformative video series that beautifully captures the extraordinary journeys of women restored by the boundless grace of God. Through compelling storytelling and heartfelt interviews, each episode unveils the remarkable stories of resilience, redemption, and restoration that showcase the transformative power of divine grace in the lives of these incredible women.
Throughout the series, viewers will witness the power of vulnerability and authenticity as the women share their deepest struggles, their moments of doubt, and the incredible breakthroughs that led them to embrace God's grace. With each episode, "Covered by Grace" aims to ignite a flame of hope within the hearts of viewers, reminding them that no matter how broken or lost they may feel, the grace of God is always available to restore, heal, and transform.

Covered by Grace | A Story of Hope After Divorce 


Covered by Grace | A Story of Abuse

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