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Gracemade Collection - Ethical & Sustainable Practices

At Gracemade, we believe that being a faith-driven company encompasses being responsible stewards of the earth God has given us, and treating people with love, respect, and kindness. We do this by running our company ethically, and incorporating sustainable practices into our business model. We haven’t got this all down perfectly, and are continuously learning - but we are committed to being transparent throughout the journey, and gladly welcome any suggestions from our community on how we can improve. 



We use natural fibers like linen, tencel, and organic cotton in the majority of our collection. We also incorporate deadstock fabric which is the leftover textiles from fashion houses that end up going unused. Instead of being dumped into a landfill (which can cause contamination to our groundwater and soil) we upcycle these fabrics for our collection. 

Be sure to read the product details to know exactly what type of fibers each garment contains.

Local Manufacturing

100% of the manufacturing for the Gracemade collection is done in small batches in the United States - the majority is produced locally here in Los Angeles. There are several benefits to producing locally. One benefit is that we can oversee the working conditions and safety of our manufacturers, and ensure workers are being treated with respect and care. We allow our manufacturers to set the cost of production to ensure they are being compensated fairly. 

Producing domestically also allows us to be able to contribute to the local economy, and reduces energy usage (by limiting transportation).

Small-scale production helps to eliminate waste associated with overproduction and excessive inventory.


We recycle or resell our leftover textiles in efforts to eliminate waste.


Our packaging materials are made from recycled content. We also do our best to recycle all incoming packaging and materials.

Giving Back

We currently partner with Life Impact International whose mission is to prevent, rescue and heal. They rescue children sold into prostitution or child slavery and those who are victims of abuse, abandonment or extreme poverty.

They also focus on healing the lives of orphans, soldiers, women and men through outreach, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, children's homes, and orphanages.
Currently, fifty cents of each sale is donated to Life Impact International, but we have plans to increase that amount as our company grows, and have a long-term vision to build orphanages for the rescued children.

We’ve had the privilege to visit and serve at Life Impact International, and can attest firsthand to all of the amazing work they do.



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