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Singleness Reawakened: The Demise of the Worldly Perspective

Inhale, exhale.

Aahhh, its finally over! February, the month of worldly concepts of love, pocketed in a false sense of self worth has finally come to an end. Hello March, we welcome you with open arms. Hey singles, its okay. You can totally come out now. It must have been hard watching couples spend money they didn’t have, endorsing relationships they know they shouldn’t be in, all to fit into the worldly category of “I am loved, I am worth something”. Luckily for us, our love and worth lay with Christ.

Singleness is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it to be taken advantage of. It is to be charged with full zeal, head to head, and then applauded. It is a gift. What other time do you have to grow one on one with the person who loved you first?

The world will teach you that singleness is for mourning but on the contrary, it is for rejoicing. Most importantly, its for a break through in spiritual growth. In this season, God not only permits us to get to know him more profoundly, he also allows us to get to know ourselves. He unveils our eyes, strengthens us and shows us new perspectives. He takes us on this wild adventure full of excitement and faith, like a roller coaster you want to keep your eyes open for.

Its not for depression but for joy. Its not for seeking a spouse but for seeking Him. And in those insignificant moments of loneliness, be still and be encouraged. Know that while God is grooming and growing you, your future spouse is doing the same.

This is singleness reawakened. Like the smell of hot herbal tea in the morning, its fresh. Like the cool crisp air at sun down, it engulfs you. Let it. Embrace it. And be thankful for the mighty God we serve. And that in every season, his perfect love for us urges Him to draw us deeper and deeper.

Ignore what the world tells you about love and self worth; It lies straight through its teeth. Lets keep our eyes on Christ shall we? Singleness is good, because God is good.

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