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Be Still - Collection Concept As Told By Jasmine

Hello friends, 

I hope this month is treating you well. 

As some of you may already know, the concept of the new Gracemade collection is called Be Still. It was an idea that came to me during my devotion time with the Lord, and something that He has been really dealing with me about. 

For the past few years I have been battling with anxiety, and it has only been heightened with the pressures of starting a new business. Producing the first Gracemade collection was probably the worst it’s ever gotten, I was so anxiety ridden that sometimes I would fall into depression and want to stay in bed all day and just cry. I knew that I needed to trust God and that everything would work out, but in that moment, for me - it was easier said than done. As usual, God was faithful and brought me through that difficult time. He reassured me of His plans for this ministry, and opened doors that only He could. 

On a typical day I try my best to get in the word before I start working, however, there are some days where the anxiousness rises up and I feel like I need to get things done for the business before prioritizing my relationship with God. On days like these I often feel burned out with no peace whatsoever. 

On one day in particular God spoke to me about peace, something that I desperately needed, especially if I was going to get through another year of business. The revelation I got was that in order to obtain peace, I needed to pursue it. And pursuing it meant that I needed to be still, sit in the presence of God, meditate on His word, and receive His love. Although this seems like an easy concept, being an anxious person who feels like they have 1,000 things to do right away or everything will fall apart, this was something I really had to work on.

So, I started to be more intentional. I began waking up earlier than usual, having a time of praise and worship (which changed my life), prayer, and devotion. This time with the Lord started to give me an indescribable peace that would set the tone for my day, and eventually my next collection. 

You may be thinking, 'what does this have to do with fashion?’ well let me explain. Out of my newfound peace, God gave me a vision for a collection that reflected my experience through the clothing. When you think about it, fashion is a form of art, and art is all about story telling. 

I used soft fabrications to represent rest, and florals that remind me of the beauty and serenity found in God’s creation. Additionally, all of the pieces in this collection are beyond comfortable and give a sense of calm through the neutral color palette.  

I’m so thankful that God uses difficult situation in our lives to create something beautiful, and it reminds me that although we may no understand God's plan in the midst of trial, there is always purpose in it.



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Patricia Ndaya

I started (slowly but surely) going back to my schedule of waking earlier to have extra prayer, devotion and worship time and it’s just the best. You feel like God is talking to you and leading you all day, non-stop. It really sets the tone for your day. I love the new collection!

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