A reflection on modesty, from founder Jasmine Rennie

"What is modesty?"

Modesty is not a concept exclusively for Christians. As most of you may know, many religions practice it in some way; typically there’s some sort of guideline. From a Christian perspective, the Bible talks about modesty but does not go into detail as far as how long or short something should be. This leaves a lot of it up to personal conviction – which is where things can get a little tricky. At the end of the day, everything is judged by where it’s rooted because God looks at our heart motives above all else.

For me, my conviction is that in the past I was dressing in a revealing way because I craved attention from men, and was looking for validation and acceptance in their eyes instead of in the eyes of Jesus. I didn’t know my worth and value and thought that a man would complete me. I think this can be true for a lot of women, the fact that we lead with our bodies to fill a void, instead of knowing who we are and finding our confidence and fullness in Christ.

This is where the concept of Gracemade was born – not from a religious or legalistic obligation, but from a place of being fully loved and fully whole while still wanting to express myself and help other women express themselves through fashion. I also wanted to show that honoring our bodies and living for God doesn’t have to be a drag – we can still be exactly who He created us to be, and look great doing it.

In no way, shape or form is it my goal to force my beliefs on anyone, or is Gracemade exclusively for people who share the same convictions as I do. The beautiful thing about this brand is that we get to serve and celebrate women from all walks of life.

My hope for the brand is that my story will inspire others to explore and discover the beautiful God that gives us identity, purpose, and true freedom.