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Oh February, the month of love - how is it already this time of year again?! The time of year when we celebrate our significant others - reflect on how single we are - or round up our girls for good ol' Galentine's Day festivities. 

This year we are challenging ourselves to try something new, and we want to challenge you to join us too! Instead of putting all of our energy into attempting to have an Instagram worthy Valentine's Day, we want to show the love of Christ by giving back to others in unexpected ways. 

The Give Out Love challenge is 28 days of random acts of kindness, one for each day in the month of February. We encourage you to think of people who could use some love and do these genuine acts for them.

We would love to hear your testimonies from this challenge, so make sure to hashtag related post #gracegivesoutlove, or share in the comments below!


Give Out Love Challenge

February 1st | Contact a friend or family member and tell them how much they've impacted you


February 2nd | Pay for someone's meal or drink in line behind you (If you don't go out, send someone a Starbucks gift card through the Starbucks app)


February 3rd | Send an encouraging text to five people


February 4th | Donate to a missionary 


February 5th | Write 5 encouraging bible verses/quotes on sticky notes and stick them on random cars


February 6th | Take a meal to a person experiencing homelessness


February 7th | Send a handwritten thank you note


February 8th | Leave an uplifting note in a random book at the library or bookstore


February 9th | Give an unexpected gift


February 10th | Volunteer your time


February 11th | Tape $1 to a vending machine 


February 12th | Tell a random woman how beautiful she is


February 13th | Tell someone you love them


February 14th | Buy flowers and leave them on a random car


February 15th | Smile at everyone you see


February 16th | Affirm someone's talent/gifting


February 17th | Put extra change in someone's parking meter


February 18th | Encourage a young woman


February 19th | Give anonymously 


February 20th | Ask a friend about their goals and dreams


February 21st | Write an encouraging Facebook or Instagram post


February 22nd | Fast from your phone and be present


February 23rd | Invite someone over for dinner


February 24th | Let someone go ahead of you in line


February 25th | Talk to someone that you usually don't 


February 26th | Pray for someone who hurt you


February 27th | Tell a mother she's doing a great job


February 28th | Tell a friend how much you appreciate them



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